Who is CheChe's Vegan

Meet the one who's been cooking up vegan soul!

Hello & Welcome

I'm Tanesha, & I am CheChe's Vegan.

Why CheChe? Well, because I'm a daddy's girl. CheChe is my dad's nickname and I'm his Vegan daughter, hence the name CheChe's Vegan!! Cooking has always been a passion, it is where I find inspiration, it allows me to be creative and come with new things! 

The vegan way of life was not always second nature for my family and I.

My family and I struggled with the idea of converting to an all plant based lifestyle on several occasions.  We were getting sick especially our daughter, we were tired of eating animal flesh and feeling weighed down, sick and sluggish. We made tons of excuses, but when the time came for the transition into this lifestyle, we went head on and with open arms. We have unlocked the door to enjoying healthy, authentic, quality, and diverse plant based dishes and I am ready to share it all with you!

CHECHE'S VEGAN EATERY mission is to share quality plant - based food while changing the perception of how others view vegan food. We are passionate about food and our aim is to serve delicious healthy plant-based comfort food to satisfy those cravings. We are more than just salads; our food is familiar southern soul food with an Island fusion. Being a lover of soul food and a Jamaican American, I had to merge the two together!

We do not have a physical brick and mortar as of yet, but we host popups, attend festivals/markets and grab and go meals.

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